Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winter to Spring

As we approach the shortest day, the darkness tends to draw us inside. With the turn of the year a few weeks away it can also be a reflective time, thinking about what we'll do next in our lives.

In permaculture education, one of the models we use is the 'action-reflection' cycle - this recognises that learning about anything is improved when we do stuff, think about what happened, identify things we could have done differently, design a new approach and then act on it - as we go around the cycle again we improve each time - getting closer to our goals and perhaps changing them!

The next opportunity to engage with our action-orientated approach comes in the longer days ahead with our Spring into Action! Permaculture Design Course in east London. Book here

This course will be 6 weekends fortnightly on the following dates:

12 - 13 March
26 - 27 March
9 - 10 April
23 - 24 April
7 - 8 May
21 - 22 May

If you want to see what our courses look like, check out these photos from our current Design 4 Action course, we're half-way through already!: