The course conveners and teachers are committed to the lived application of the Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares.

Earth Care

The Spring into Action! Permaculture Design Course will embody low-impact living. We will take care to minimise our energy use, preserve the integrity of the spaces we inhabit, seek to make our actions regenerative, produce no waste and be mindful of the decisions we make. We ask you to help us with this by making conscious decisions regarding the transportation you use to attend the course, the food you share and by taking responsibility for the wastes you produce. Let us know where you can see earth friendly solutions that we might have missed.

People Care

The Spring into Action! Permaculture Design Course will be learner-centred and reflect the equality of all participants be they learners(teachers) or teachers(learners). We encourage participants to be take responsibility for themselves, to respect the difference and the needs of others and to form a learning community. We will support you in your learning and work to ensure you are safe, comfortable and welcome at all times. We operate a safer spaces policy.

Fair Shares

The Spring into Action! Permaculture Design Course will be mindful of the inequalities in our society and work to alleviate disparities while respecting difference. We offer a scale of fees reflecting the income disparities among our attendees and ask all those booking to make an honest assessment when placing themselves on this scale. We have endeavoured to make this course affordable to all. We do not receive any external funding and must balance inputs and outputs, setting fees at a level that cover our costs, account for our risks and provide a fair recompense to our teachers and organisers.